The Velocity of Poetry

Velocity of a Poet

E.g, the Velocity of poetry (Vp) equals the Tree (T) root where the Yak to Munch ratio plus the quantity of Wine ( W ) (copious) [Fermat’s Last Dinner] is constrained by the inversion of the Real World (RW) [the Boo Hiss theorem].
– qbit

On Finding Ezra Pound, insane, locked outdoors in a cage in Italy after WWII
(See: John Berryman, The Cage)

This much is known: A bee winging it
at the resonance of quantum verse,
subatomic buzz weaponized
into stanzas, words in flight,
les mots juiced like wine –

can ride the fog of war from Idaho
to Pisa, then jackknife
out of the smoke into a cage
where he stings and swings
the cold bar blues.

Flying into rage, insults flying
like rain and sleet flying in the face
of reason, he’s St. Francis of the wasps
and hornets, nectar held tight between his knees,
praying in the sun to piss.

Unknown: how to equate
the velocity of scribbling, scrabbling
at the speed of unsound mind,
with reaching past sanity and breaking off combs
until detritus of poems run sticky in your hands.